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NOVA Bidet 1000 Bidet Seat - Side View with Open Lid
NOVA-1000 Bidet Seat - Side Panel Inlay

Seat Sizes

Three NOVA-1000 Bidet Seat Sizes - Elongated, Round, Small (Child)


Water Supply Hydraulic Powered
Power Consumption Max. 1270W
Heating Technology Continuous Heating
Water Volume (Wash, Bidet) 0.6L/min, 0.7L/min
Water Volume (Power Wash) 0.5L/min
Water Temperature Control 4 Levels
Nozzle Position/
Water Pressure Control
5 Levels (each)
Seat Temperature Control 4 Levels
Nozzle Specification 1-Nozzle, 3-ways
Seat Dimensions Elongated: W18.5 x D20.8 x H5.7 inches
Round: W18.5 x D19.5x H5.7 inches
Small (Child): W18.5 x D18.5 x H5.7 inches
Wash Hybrid Heating, Power & Aerated Wash
Oscillation & Pulsation Yes
Self-Cleaning Yes
Quick Manual Cleaning Yes
Child Wash Yes
Occupied Seat Sensor Yes
Heated Seat Yes
Water Temp & Pressure Control Yes
Self-Diagnosis Yes
Soft-Closing Lid Yes
3 Power Levels
  – Normal
  – Manual Energy Saving
  – Automatic Energy Saving


NOVA-1000 Bidet Seat Features


NOVA Bidet Seat - Highlight #1: Hybrid Water Heating
NOVA Bidet Seat - Highlight #2: Aerated Wash
NOVA Bidet Seat - Highlight #3: Heated Seat
NOVA Bidet Seat - Highlight #4: Power Wash

Manuals & Images


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Parts & Service

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