Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat

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Your hygiene and comfort are important. Treat yourself to the best bathroom upgrade you’ll ever make.

Made from high-quality anion-type nano antibacterial polypropylene, Ultra Nova boasts Silver nano sterilization, the Ultra-NOVA runs self-cleaning before and after each wash, ensuring that every wash leaves you fresh and clean.

Packed With Cutting-Edge Features

Featuring the best technology has to offer, the Ultra-NOVA will wow guests, and turn your bathroom visits into a trip to the spa.  

Ultra-NOVA Features + Auto-Flushing

Want to take your spa experience to the next level?  The Ultra-NOVA+ offers a patented auto-flushing system. When paired with your top-flush toilet, get hands free flushing!

Your Wash. Your Way.

Nothing says luxury like being able to customize every aspect of your experience.  With the Ultra-NOVA you get just that.

Customize your nozzle position for the perfect aim

Wash with unlimited warm water finely tuned to your liking

Get comfort and an effective wash with adjustable spray pressure

Air bubble induction pump for softer feeling, more effective spray

Enhance your spa experience with the perfect water temperature

Oscillation option for better coverage

Rear, front, and enema wash options are all at your fingerprints

Configure your settings once, and save them for future use

Assistance When Needed Most

The Ultra-NOVA comes equipped with features designed to help with medical conditions that other seats ignore.

Enema Wash

Hot & Cold Massage Wash

Style That Wows

High-tech never looked so good.

With a height of only 3.66 inches, the Ultra-NOVA is the sleekest bidet seat ever on the market

With a sleek, durable, lip-less lid the Ultra-NOVA delivers a familiar, inviting design.

Designed for discreetness, the Ultra-NOVA comes with a swiveling inlet water inlet, tucked away in a small pocket.

Effortless Installation

Up for a 30-minute do-it-yourself project?  Follow our our simple do it yourself installation guide, and be up a running in no time

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Your trips to the bathroom have never been easier

Auto Opening lid greets you warmly on each visit

Stylish, intuitive Side Control for a comprehensive, remote free operation

Patented Auto Flush for hands free flushing (+ version only)

Flawless remote reception with radio frequency remote

Get Pampered

With adjustable seat temperature and the sleekest design on the market, bidet seats have never been more comfortable 

Goodbye, Toilet Paper

With the Ultra-NOVA’s warm air dryer, say goodbye to toilet paper for good!

Cleaning Is a Breeze

With the Ultra-NOVA’s quick-release button, taking the seat off for a thorough cleaning is as easy as the press of a button

Nighttime Visits Made Easy

Dark bathroom visits are now a thing of the past with the Ultra-NOVA’s white night light guiding the way on every nighttime bathroom visit

Designed Protect Your Home

Worried about your bidet running when not in use, and flooding your home?  You’re not alone!  We have good news! The Ultra-NOVA will only operate when it’s seat sensor is activated

Built To Last

Built with the highest quality internals, a seat that can be sat on, and a stainless steel remote, the Ultra-NOVA’s longevity is just one more thing to love

Use The Features You Want

Customize the Ultra-NOVA to make it blend in seamlessly with your life and bathroom routine. Turn on or off the following features at will: Auto Open, Audio Feedback, Auto Flush

Other Details

Fits 1 and 2-piece toilets

Available in elongated

Available in white

Electricity required

Complimentary Filter Included (Replace every 6 months)

3 Year Full Warranty



Technical parameters Ultra-NOVA Ultra-NOVA+
Power type AC 120V~ 60Hz
Rated power Max 1220W = 10.1Amps
Power cord length 4 feet
Water Heating Technology Ceramic Instant-type Variable Frequency Inverter System
Water temperature The temperature adjustment range is about 86°F – 102°F
Safety devices Flow monitoring sensor, water temperature sensor, temperature control switch, temperature fuse.
Air temperature Adjustable temperature range (room temperature – 131°F)
Drying heating power 200W
Seat surface temperature Adjustable temperature range (room temperature – 104°F)
Seat heating power 40W
Water supply pressure 22psi – 105psi
Environment temperature 38°F – 104°F
Product size L505xW375xH93mm
L19.9in x W14.75in x H3.66in
Product net weight 4.2kg
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